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Jacobs Selected as Consultant for BusConnects Cork Sustainable Transport Corridors Program

Global consulting firm Jacobs (NYSE: J) has secured a key role as a consultant for the BusConnects Cork Sustainable Transport Corridors program, initiated by Ireland's National Transport Authority (NTA). The project aims to enhance mobility and connectivity in Cork, Ireland's second-largest city, through improved walking, cycling, and bus infrastructure.

As part of the project, Jacobs will play a crucial role in various aspects, including preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, providing statutory planning advice services, developing the construction strategy, and conducting extensive transport assessments through advanced modeling for design refinement. Additionally, Jacobs will support the preparation of the preliminary business case for the overall BusConnects Cork program.

The BusConnects Cork initiative focuses on the transformation of Cork's public transport network, introducing new bus routes, cycling lanes, improved frequencies, bus stops, and shelters. The program also aims to transition to a zero-emission bus fleet, aligning with sustainable and eco-friendly transportation practices.

Kate Kenny, Senior Vice President at Jacobs, highlighted the firm's commitment to transforming Cork's transportation system to make it an attractive and efficient choice for both residents and visitors. Jacobs leverages its multi-disciplinary expertise to support critical transportation infrastructure projects, utilizing digital solutions for data-driven planning and development decisions.

Jacobs has a significant presence in Ireland, with over 1,200 employees serving clients across various sectors, including Advanced Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Energy & Environment. The company is actively involved in major projects, such as Irish Rail's East Coast Railway Infrastructure Protection Projects program and several manufacturing facilities like WuXi Biologics and Edwards Lifesciences.

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