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Jacobs Partners with Miami-Dade County to Enhance Wastewater Infrastructure

Jacobs (NYSE: J) has been chosen by the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department (WASD) to lead the design upgrades for the county's three wastewater treatment plants. This initiative aims to benefit nearly 2.4 million residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.


Over the course of a six-year professional services agreement, Jacobs will provide support for upgrades targeted at modernizing aging infrastructure, enhancing operational performance, addressing climate change impacts, and bolstering system resilience across WASD's wastewater treatment facilities and system.


One notable aspect of Jacobs' approach is the application of Intelligent O&M, a Digital OneWater solution from its suite of digital products. This technology will empower WASD with actionable insights for informed decision-making, leading to greater efficiencies, reduced wastewater treatment costs, and optimized operational labor.


Ron Williams, Senior Vice President at Jacobs, emphasized the importance of innovative solutions in the face of climate change challenges. He stated, "As climate change intensifies, maintaining the aging wastewater system in Miami-Dade County is an increasingly complex challenge requiring creative, integrated, and holistic solutions."


Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department Director Roy Coley echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the critical nature of the projects in ensuring the wastewater system keeps pace with the region's growth while providing a resilient infrastructure for the future.


This partnership between Jacobs and Miami-Dade County builds upon a longstanding relationship spanning 50 years. Jacobs has extensive experience with the county's wastewater system, including recent involvement in the $2.7 billion Ocean Outfall Legislation Program and engineering services for the South District Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Furthermore, Jacobs has provided operator training to Miami-Dade County staff to support water and wastewater licensure renewal efforts.


With a track record of excellence in wastewater treatment, Jacobs is recognized as a leader in the industry. The company's solutions prioritize water conservation, energy efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction. Notable projects include the Thames Tideway Tunnel in the U.K., Central Interceptor in New Zealand, Tuas Water Reclamation Plant in Singapore, and the Pure Water Project in California.


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