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A Journey Through Berkshire's Retail Landscape: Borsheims and Nebraska Furniture Mart

With the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting just around the corner, we seized the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the retail brilliance of two of Berkshire's esteemed subsidiaries: Borsheims and Nebraska Furniture Mart. These pre-meeting excursions provided us with a hands-on preview of the retail strategies that bolster the conglomerate's robustness.


Borsheims: The Jewel in Omaha’s Crown

Borsheims is not just a store; it’s an institution that epitomizes the blend of luxury and customer intimacy. As we stepped inside, we were enveloped by the lustrous ambiance of fine jewels and exquisite timepieces. It’s easy to see why this store is considered one of the largest independent jewelers. The personal touch in the service and the extensive collection reflect the core values of Berkshire Hathaway: quality and integrity.

Nebraska Furniture Mart: The Ultimate Shopping Destination

A short drive away, Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) stands as a testament to the vision of Rose Blumkin, affectionately known as Mrs. B. This isn’t just a furniture retailer; it’s a comprehensive home goods empire. NFM caters to every conceivable need for the home, from stylish furniture to cutting-edge electronics, all under one roof. Amidst the vast selection of home essentials, we discovered a sweet surprise - a See's Candies store right within NFM. Known for their delicious chocolates and friendly customer service, See's Candies added a delightful treat to our shopping experience. We made sure to indulge in some of their famous chocolates, which are as much a part of Berkshire's success story as the furniture that surrounds them.


This trip was more than a business obligation; it was an insightful dive into the ethos of Berkshire Hathaway’s retail operations. As we reflect on our experiences at Borsheims and NFM, we’re reminded of the underlying principles that drive this conglomerate: a relentless focus on the customer and a steadfast commitment to quality.

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