Tax Arrangements

The tax arrangements in the Caribbean Kingdom

The tax system in the Caribbean kingdom is organized differently than the Dutch kingdom. The various laws and regulations can often have a major impact on equity. Solar Asset Management, therefore, provides additional information concerning to the following points:


The Pension scheme >

When settling in the Dutch Antilles an immigrant will face various tax regulations. Residents of the Dutch Antilles are subjected to income tax for both domestic and foreign income. (worldwide income).

The Private Fund Foundation >

The Private Foundation is a special form of the Foundation. For example, the Private Foundation can be used for asset protection, wealth creation and (passive) investments, just as in a Trust.

The E-Zone >

De E-zone (economische zone) is een door de overheid aangewezen gebied of gebouw in Curaçao. In de economische zone mogen zich alleen exportgerichte bedrijven vestigen.


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